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Trusted Technical Data

With technical information for 136 manufactures covering 32,000 models, our product gives you a 99% coverage for all modern cars on the road. With this in mind you can be confident that you have the detailed information and procedures you need to carry out all services, maintenance, diagnostics and repairs.

Illustrations Embedded Directly into Service Schedules

We provide official manufacturers’ service schedules. This includes all operations and even the related technical data, all embedded directly into the page to save you time.

Quick Links

The new ‘Quick Links’ section is available on the home page for every vehicle with links to the most used and important modules. This simple navigation means less time searching and more time to carry out your work.

Interactive Diagrams

Over 17,500 full-colour wiring diagrams that allow you to quickly search for components, zoom in and out, select relevant sections and click through for further details and related data.

Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Simply search using diagnostic trouble codes or component names to instantly find information, solutions and links to guide you through to all the relevant components or connected modules you require.

Multi-platform Access

We understand that modern workshops have an array of different technological requirements so all our platforms are automatically accessible on PC, Mac, tablet and smartphone with no downloads or installs necessary.


Diagnostic & Repair Service & Maintenance
Service guides
Manufacturers’ schedules
Indicator reset
Service air conditioning
Maintenance procedures
Drive belts/chains replacement
Electric parking brake release
Technical specifications
Tyres, brakes and wheel alignment
Fluids, lubricants and tightening torques
Change oil
Repair times
Diagnostic and troubleshooting
Wiring diagrams, fuse boxes and relays
DTC troubleshooting
Control module pin data
Electronic component locations
Component testing
Known fixes and bulletins
Vehicle systems and repair information
Engine management
Diesel exhaust gas after treatment
Air conditioning

What You Need To Do

It’s quick and easy to set-up your Autodata subscription. We just need some information from you, then you can be set-up and logged on in five minutes.Each workshop location subscribes to a single license that can provide access to 1, 2 or 5 users at the same time, all delivered as a 12-month subscription.
  • There are no installs or downloads necessary. Autodata is accessed via the internet and automatically updates, meaning there are no distractions for you.
  • Your Autodata account is password protected making it extremely secure.