Car service management

Software solution for managing car service business


The control panel displays all the details relevant to one business user on one screen. Here you can see detailed statistics of different system parameters for the last day, the last week or the last month. Also, information about the level of availability of available resources in relation to the selected B2B package is also shown here.

In line with the strategy to offer each client an optimal level of access to the system, which will include all its needs for a minimum price, the B2B part of the Cloud'n'Car system allows the definition of different packages. They vary according to the maximum number of employees, organizational units, groups of products and services, as well as the products and services themselves, the maximum number of suppliers, the number of warehouses ...


Within Employees section, there is the possibility of generating the organizational structure of the company, as well as the position of employees. Each position joins a certain part in the organizational structure (finance, service, procurement, sales ...). All important data can be entered for each employee, such as the position at which he / she is employed, the amount of personal income, contact data, address ... Also, for each employee, the right to access certain parts of the system is also defined. For example, a service technician can be allowed to enter information in an online service booklet, as well as generate an account, but not to define the price of the service (which can be allowed only to the manager) ...

A special section in the Work section refers to the definition of the employee's costs, or how much his staff costs. This is one of the information on which basis a customer account is automatically generated after the transaction.


Cloud'n'Car offers full support for your business. Therefore, besides the work on employees, it offers a part dedicated to clients. It contains a list of all the invoices issued, together with the creation dates and the names of the employees who created them. Each account can be viewed and, if necessary, generated in PDF format.

Also, in this part of the system there is a complete record of suppliers as well as internal invoices that allow systematic transfer of goods from one business building to another.

Card reader

One very useful option, which will greatly facilitate and speed up administrative work in car services, but also in insurance companies, is the implementation of the Cloud'n'Car Smart Card Reader. It gives us support for reading the information about the vehicle entered in the chips of traffic licenses. This is at first glance not a novelty, since many systems allow the same functionality. However, with the Cloud'n'Car Smart Traffic Reader reader it is just the basics - the true value of the system is that it reads the data automatically based on the data read by the client in the system and connects the vehicle to the client, distinguishing between the legal entity and the physical person.


Within the system there is a detailed section dedicated to products. List of taxes groups, units of measure, warehouses in which the products are found, groups to which they belong, as well as list of manufacturers can be defined. All this information is used when defining a product. In addition, each product is allowed to enter its net price, which will automatically be increased by the amount of the selected tax group, product description and up to five photos. Also, useful information can be the definition of a minimum quantity in the warehouse, which will automatically trigger the notification that it is necessary to supplement the stocks of that product.

When marketing campaigns are planned, products can be discounted for specific period of time, which will automatically return to regular values after the expiration of that period.


Our system allows generating service groups and defining the service itself. Under the service group, they can be called "Replacing filters and oil", and services within this group can be a replacement of fuel filters, oil filter replacement, climate change filtering, brake oil change, oil change ... Also they are able to define list of parts what would be involved in exact service.

Task lists

This part of the Cloud'n'Car system serves to plan activities and view them on a daily and monthly basis. Practically, it is possible to reserve a service service for the selected vehicle, to assign which of the employees will perform the service, and to look at the current status of the selected task (whether it is only scheduled, in progress, whether it is completed or maybe canceled ).

Plans and Prices

Our packages are predefined based on most common company sizes. In case you need some specific package configuration, fill free to contact us in order to provide you with best possible deal.

Start Up

1.000 RSD
Tax not included in price
  • 600 Clients
  • 10 Employees
  • 5 Employee costs
  • 5 Org units
  • 10 Positions
  • 20 Product groups
  • 1000 Products
  • 20 Service groups
  • 200 Services
  • 2 Warehouses
  • 3 Users
  • Invoicing


2.000 RSD
Tax not included in price
  • 1200 Clients
  • 20 Employees
  • 10 Employee costs
  • 10 Org units
  • 20 Positions
  • 50 Product groups
  • 2000 Products
  • 50 Service groups
  • 500 Services
  • 5 Warehouses
  • 6 Users
  • Invoicing


8.000 RSD
Tax not included in price
  • 5000 Clients
  • 100 Employees
  • 50 Employee costs
  • 50 Org units
  • 100 Positions
  • 200 Product groups
  • 10000 Products
  • 200 Service groups
  • 2000 Services
  • 20 Warehouses
  • 12 Users
  • Invoicing


Just contact us by mail in which you will specify which business package you are interested in. Very soon, you will receive further instructions on how to transfer your business to our system in the simplest way.
The Cloud'n'Car system is based on a flexible platform that makes it easy to connect with other systems. If you already have your website on which you have set up a catalog of products and their prices, there is no need to repeat the same job. You can import products into the Cloud'n'Car by using a fully automated procedure.
Whether you already own your own site or not, the Cloud'n'Car portal provides an automated creation of your company's micro site. Through just a few simple steps related to entering information about your company and the products you sell or the services you offer, a micro site will be generated that will represent a new channel to promote your business.
If your volume of work has expanded and exceeds the currently selected package, you can switch to a larger package at any time. The same situation is when you estimate that your current package is too big and you want to optimize by switching to a smaller package. The system monitors your business and adjusts to it, so the package change procedure can be completed in just one day.
The Cloud'n'Car portal provides support for your turnkey business. It is a platform that covers all aspects of business, is tailored to the needs of each specific business entity and is in line with legal frameworks. Great help in the development of the system was provided by our partner companies from the automotive industry and therefore it is fully compliant with the business requirements of the industry.
We tried to maximally simplify the method of inserting articles and their prices into our system. It's enough to download a predefined Excel spreadsheet with or without existing data from your business account, refine or update data and hook the file back into the account. The system will immediately synchronize data with the database and your catalog.
In case you no longer want to use the Cloud'n'Car system, we will send you an Excell file with all generated data about your business while using Cloud'n'Car as a business platform. In this way you will be able to migrate easily to another system. Your data within the system will remain archived for the next 90 days, and during that period we can export the necessary data in case you need extra copy. After a period of 90 days, the data will be permanently removed.