Rent-a-car management

Software solution for Rent-a-car agency

Clients manager

Clients rent-a-car agencies are companies that lease their vehicles. The system provides accurate and clear records of clients, their activities and associated services. The system provides a simple overview of realized bookable for each client, and generate reports based on the entered parameters and previous activities.

On the basis of realized bookable and the use of vehicles for customers to automatically generate electronic invoices. If the client has misled e-mail, the system will put upon realization of booking this way to send PDF version of the invoice.

Drivers manager

On the portal you can set evedenciju all drivers who are employed in the company. Here you can enter details about the driver contacts on which you can quickly and easily contact us via e-mail or telephone.

For each driver is available a detailed listing of routes is done - listing of realized relations with precise records of the beginning and end of the tour. Time can easily determine the degree of involvement of each employee in a company driver.

Vehicle manager

For ren-a-car agency is of the utmost importance that in one place has all the information about the vehicles in their possession. Cloud'n'Car portal provides just that - a detailed specification of the entire fleet, as well as the categorization of vehicles. Every vehicle in the Vehicle Manager has its own digital book search service, a portal takes care of all the details such as service intervals, registration time, six-month reviews...

Thanks to a specially developed algorithm, Cloud'n'Car take into account all relevant local data for each of the vehicle and in accordance with factory recommendations timely reminder of the terms of service intervals, oil changes, registration ...


Through Cloud'n'Car we provide a system for planning the use of vehicles and their provisions. The system provides access to selected categories of vehicles that will be vacant in the interval for which the client wants to rent them, the cost of renting, whether he wants to let the driver or the vehicle. Vehicle Reservation can be made on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Part reporting provides report generation based on various parameters - occupancy vehicles, mileage,, terms of service and registration...


Cloud'n'Car keep a complete record of the rent. In part for invoicing provides an overview of all invoices for each client - which vehicles are leased, in which period, with or without drivers, the price of each rental...

Through the system can be automated generate invoices based on completed services, and if the client at registration and leave your e-mail address, an invoice will be sent to his e-mail account.

Plans and Prices

The simplest and most complete way of monitoring the vehicles in the fleet.

Rent-a-car 1

2.000 RSD
Tax not included in price
  • 5 Vehicles
  • 5 Vehicle groups
  • 20 Clients
  • 6 Drivers
  • Booking
  • OnLine market
  • Invoicing

Rent-a-car 2

4.000 RSD
Tax not included in price
  • 10 Vehicles
  • 7 Vehicle groups
  • 50 Clients
  • 10 Drivers
  • Booking
  • OnLine market
  • Invoicing

Rent-a-car 4

15.000 RSD
Tax not included in price
  • 50 Vehicles
  • 10 Vehicle groups
  • 100 Clients
  • 10 Drivers
  • Booking
  • OnLine market
  • Invoicing


Just contact us by mail in which you will specify which business package you are interested in. Very soon, you will receive further instructions on how to transfer your business to our system in the simplest way.
The Cloud'n'Car system is based on a flexible platform that makes it easy to connect with other systems. If you already have your website on which you have set up a catalog of products and their prices, there is no need to repeat the same job. You can import products into the Cloud'n'Car by using a fully automated procedure.
Whether you already own your own site or not, the Cloud'n'Car portal provides an automated creation of your company's micro site. Through just a few simple steps related to entering information about your company and the products you sell or the services you offer, a micro site will be generated that will represent a new channel to promote your business.
If your volume of work has expanded and exceeds the currently selected package, you can switch to a larger package at any time. The same situation is when you estimate that your current package is too big and you want to optimize by switching to a smaller package. The system monitors your business and adjusts to it, so the package change procedure can be completed in just one day.
The Cloud'n'Car portal provides support for your turnkey business. It is a platform that covers all aspects of business, is tailored to the needs of each specific business entity and is in line with legal frameworks. Great help in the development of the system was provided by our partner companies from the automotive industry and therefore it is fully compliant with the business requirements of the industry.
We tried to maximally simplify the method of inserting articles and their prices into our system. It's enough to download a predefined Excel spreadsheet with or without existing data from your business account, refine or update data and hook the file back into the account. The system will immediately synchronize data with the database and your catalog.
In case you no longer want to use the Cloud'n'Car system, we will send you an Excell file with all generated data about your business while using Cloud'n'Car as a business platform. In this way you will be able to migrate easily to another system. Your data within the system will remain archived for the next 90 days, and during that period we can export the necessary data in case you need extra copy. After a period of 90 days, the data will be permanently removed.